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Portal: Future es un foro gratuito dedicado al esoterismo, con consultas al tarot.
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It's determination some days and others it's a state of rest and others it's survival and still - others it's the breath that transitions our soul from one state to another as life happens. Think of that. That's nearly 23, opportunities in a day you have to concentrate on the Divine space within you.

So breathe deep. Don't let it slip away. Appreciate it's power and transition from "there" to "here" in your soul. United States! New visual for "All Titans Fall" up on the tube! Link in bio! Albert Einstein once said, "I want to know God's thoughts, the rest is just details. If only we could get certain, on the past and future, if only the Divine would clue us in.

But the fallacy of this - is the part where we skip the beauty of mystery - and therefore miss out on being present. What was it Elkhart Tolle wrote about? The power of now.

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And it is in this breathing space where we find graciousness toward our very being and in turn toward those we love -deeply. This does not negate the power of words or their poetic alignment through metaphor - but when they aren't enough or they've been exhausted - then comes that which we long to touch , And it is in such expression we must weave. It is a dance. A beautiful, delicate and sometimes bloody dance, but nevertheless, a dance.

And still I live and move and have my being knowing - divinity of humanness breeds acceptance of the self as it is, rather than striving to what it will never be. It's a moving target, a mirage of water on a desert road," and that the Divine loves our "actual self" and since our "ideal self doesn't exist," The question becomes, can you receive it when someone wants to love your actual self, rather than an ideal? Ahh so much I cannot express - I just can't, and perhaps I'm not even expressing this well: Writer demonstration tonight Zoned out and clocked in.

Islam Koran Hebrew allah hebrews moslem jewish hebrewpower truth esoterica quran allahuakbar yodheyvavhey jehovah freemason mastermason jahweh christianity. Glory to God who answers prayer when you seek Him humbly, trusting that it will be ok, that no matter what He wants the best for us. The seven planes of the solar system and the constitution of man from the Alice Bailey works. Current studies. Man is an energetic formula. Who are you?

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What are you? Now why would he walk around his life with his horns shaven down to stubs? People are out here not only operating under false identities, but also being ignorant of the full scope of the false entity they claim to be. But first, I seek to know the features of this formula. Yodheyvavhey be blessed everyone, Ignorance is the root of all evil knowthyself.

This oneofakindpendant features three circles. The larger one is woven with fine-gauge sterling wire, and there are two smaller ones encircling the labradoritedrop a stone for spiritualconnection There is also a concealed message on the copper circle. It is the word havaya in hebrew the tetragrammaton or fourlettersacrednameofgod tulastonejewelry tulastone jewishjewelry hebrewjewelry judaicanecklace judaicajewelry kabbalahjewelry kabbalahnecklace yodheyvavhey. Baruch HaShem Adonai! Took some time to create over my winterbreak.

These tetragrammaton banners were fun to make! Perhaps I will add them to my Etsy shop one of these days. MLK mlkweekend mlkjrday mlkparade mlkmemorial mlkday mlkday trackandfield trackgod tracklife blackexcellence blackqueen blackman God yodheyvavhey israel martinlutherking blacklove kingandqueen. Three rules to live by: Put nothing before the Father. Be goofy sometimes! Wheel of Fortune- The circle in the center of this card represents the turn of the zodiac cycle — or, more accurately, the turn of the never-ending cycles that the zodiac exists within.

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Gracias Elohem y Ellyllon

This card is like a sundial that marks the turn of a cycle as the fates drive the momentum of the universe forward. Notice along the circle the letters R. A — rota, or rotate. The Hindus and Helena Blavatsky outline the cyclical nature of the zodiac in a grand sense: More on Blavatsky, root races, rounds, globes and schemes and chains in a later post.

Yod; Water: Heh; Air: Vav; Heh: This card can indicate that the metaphorical wheel stand has been pulled and the momentum of life has begun its crawl forwards. One of the stained glass panels in my house. Goddess Vibrations Messiah ahayahasherahayah messianicconsciousness energycenter within yodheyvavhey godfrequency connection2theuniverse mosthigh1st quantumscriptures biblicallymetaphysical chakras.

Yehovah is the Light of the World and that same Light was and is in Yeshua who distributes that Light to all of us. We just have to take hold of it and let it fill us! Bendito seas YodHeyVavHey. La majestad de YodHeyVavHey. Revelations 2: Luke If these are the real israelites of the bible then the bible must be a fairy tale because these are the most wickedest people on earth. They are the ones who funded the transatlantic slave trade, they control the media, music, and the banks, they known for molesting kids, and giving them circumcision with there teeth in their satanic Talmud they read.

Most of them know the blacks in the transatlantic slave trade are the real Israelites of the book that's why we were forces to change our names, culture, and customs so we can lose our identity each generation. They set up a system to keep us in sin and make us a corrupt people.

A jerry heller and lyor Cohen which are so called jewish were in control of the rap music to influence our communities and these ratchet shows on TV. They gonna do everything they can to keep us reprobated and keep us mentally destroyed as a people. They are in control of the whole worlds system.

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For years we been trying to find ourselves. A lot of leaders keep coming into our communities saying were Muslims, Native Americans, Moors, and Egyptians. Plus they have all these religions and theories when the messiah is coming back. The devil is very crafty at bringing confusion onto the whole world. Now we just look at everything as just a belief that's why there are so many people coming out as athiests.

We been going through a identity crisis for years. As a black man in america we though the bible was a white man's religion to enslave blacks, dehumanize, and saying we a cursed and have no value but now we realizing that the bible is talking about us, the true yisraelites of the Bible.

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But know that we are wakening up there's always the enemy coming from every direction to bring confusion with these pharisee israelite camps. We go into every religion and every nationality and find there's deception in it. Every time I tell people that we are Israelites and the laws they just gonna tell me its just my belief because there's so many other nationalities, religions, and beliefs our people follow. Entra ahora en nuestro foro, registrate y para jugar con nosotros. Time to live. Akhor Rol es un nuevo foro para jugar al rol completamente gratuito. Creemos que no es un foro mas de rol, sino que ofrece una nueva visión de juego y una gran comunidad.

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